Attention : Authors, Artists,  Entrepreneurs and People Who Want More Happiness:

“Learn How Simple It Is To Find Your Life’s Reset Button And Live Immersed In Radiant Happiness”

(Deepening Your Relationship With Your Inner-Self Radically Changes How You Interact In The World)


There Has To Be A Simpler Way To Finding Happiness…There Is – And I Can Teach You The Exact Steps To Do This For Yourself 


I am Nancy Dadami and have been meditating regularly since 1976. In the beginning it was fun to learn a new way to manage stress and freedom from worry. Soon I discovered peace of mind was my new set point when dealing with the overwhelm, tension and confusion and I noticed that I was feeling happier and more in control of my life.

As time passed, people began to notice my new found confidence and I was asked what was I doing that brought such  noticeable calmness and happiness radiating from me. When I told them it was meditation they wanted to know how they could get some of that and  before long I was teaching a meditation class for beginners and they were building their inner reservoir of confidence and feeling happier too. The most surprising benefits for me are the deep connection to my inner magnificence, that place where the Soul communicates with me, my ability to recognize when and how to push my reset button to get myself back in the flow of happiness.

Over the years I have learned many meditation styles and techniques and I now practice Intentional Meditation because it helps me release limiting energies from my inner and outer space, builds confidence and lets me magnetize the life I want, including radiant happiness, abundance, deep awareness, and the ability to hit my reset button whenever I need to.

Now I want to teach you how to do the same thing quickly and easily

Introducing: Intentional Meditation for Radiant Happiness

A Four Week Interactive Course To Teach You The Skills And Techniques To Live In Radiant Happiness And Magnetize The Life You Want For 2018 And Beyond

And we will meet virtually each week for 4 consecutive weeks!!

What is “Intentional Meditation” and Why is it so important?

The purpose of Intentional Meditation is to teach you a simple meditation process to:

  • Clear subtle energies in your personal space that are limiting your ability to magnetize what you want and, reducing your confidence and interfering with your happiness
  • Create a clear pathway for you to discover deep awareness and happiness

You take who you are inside with you each moment into everything you say, feel and do in life - your relationships, your work, your self-talk, your prosperity, and your health.

You deserve to be your “Best You” by clearing your space, magnetizing the life you want, building a reservoir of light within and creating radiant happiness.

“Meditation is a vital practice to access conscious contact with your higher self” ~ Wayne Dyer

For New Intentional Meditators…

In this Four Module Live Online Workshop Course, taught over a four week period I will take you step by step through the process of clearing and owning your personal space, centering and grounding yourself to establish your home base, and using your awareness as a barometer for listening to your inner wisdom, empowering you to be your Best Self.

5 Reasons Why You Must Make The Time To Learn Intentional Meditation….

  1. Every time to connect with someone in person, online, by phone, or through your thoughts or feelings some of their energy moves into your personal space and some of your energy moves into their space. These subtle energies in your energy field  cause you to react unconsciously in your self-talk, relationships and choices.
  2. Energy flows into your space all the time and influences you whether you know it or not. Some of the energy comes from people around you through their thoughts, opinions, feelings, and intentions. You probably have experienced another’s energy in your space as anger, doubt, expectations or jealousy. Other times the energy comes from the places your live, work, or visit. Their energy settles in your energy field and influences your thoughts and actions too. If you do not clear your space of the energy of people and places that energy builds up and creates more disturbance for you in either physically, emotionally or spiritually ways.
  3. When your personal space is clear you deepen your awareness of your body, mind and spirit coming together and working as a team on your behalf. As you cultivate your awareness with meditation the place within  where you find peace of mind and happiness grows making stresses a thought of the past. You make the conscious connection between yourself and your Inner Magnificence – that place where you are aware that your Soul merges with you. It has been a concept up to this point, now it is a knowing deep within you. You realize your Inner Magnificence is always there to lead the way.
  4. You can manage the personal energy field within you and around you by clearing your feelings of  judgement, guilt, and anger as well as your expectations, anxiety and confusion from your space. When you interact with your own thoughts with worry  you fill your energy field with stress and you get caught in a web of fear. It happens to all of us. Just as easily as you might lose your space you can simply regain it again – that is where intentional meditation comes in.
  5. When your personal energy field is cleared you have more of you available for yourself, relationships, family and career to create the life you desire. You become a conscious creator, knowing how to magnetize what you want whether it is a healthier body, fulfilling relationship, meaningful career or more fun, freedom and abundance.

When you show up in the world with a clear personal space, as a conscious creator, you are bound to make an impact in the world.

And the online Intentional Meditation for Radiant Happiness covers all these points

What You Need To Know Before You Have Another Interaction With Anyone…

The Reality – Dedicating time to learn and implement Intentional Meditation into your life will allow you to consciously manage and control your relationship with yourself and others.

The Problem – You believe that Intentional Meditation doesn’t really work, requires  a daily time commitment, and only works if you are already an experienced meditator. If you are already an experienced meditator you feel like this could just be a big waste of your time, energy and money with little or no pay off to show for it.

The Solution- My Intentional Meditation for Radiant Happiness Workshop will teach you how clear your personal space from the energies of others and your own fears, build confidence and get you into the flow so you can immerse yourself in radiant happiness. I will teach you how to set up, grow and build an intentional meditation practice that you can use to magnetize the life you want. Time and dedication will turn your dreams and goals into your reality.

My Belief Is ~ “When One Person Is Uplifted Everyone Benefits”

Just as I do with my Get In The Flow Mentoring programs and Feng Shui Clients, my goal with this workshop training is to keep it relevant and simple. My promise to you is to not waste any of your valuable and precious time with training that is not absolutely crucial to your success with Intentional Meditation.

Instead of teaching you WHAT to do to clear and manage your personal space with yourself and others, I’ll be teaching you HOW to do it with the exact, step-by-step techniques and strategies that work and make sense for you.

Why You Must Not Wait To Come Onboard With This Training…

You are continuously having thoughts and interacting with people and places. Energy is always flowing. By hesitating to increase your knowledge about Intentional Meditation you are losing your power to subtle energies that build up in your personal space and hinder your ability to create the awareness, love, abundance, peace of mind and happiness you really want. This affects you in countless ways with yourself, your relationships, your family, your career and your creativity.

“Happiness Is Not Something Ready Made It Comes From Your Actions?~ Dali Lama

What Is Included In The Online Intentional Meditation For Radiant Happiness Training Course:

  • How to begin an Intentional Meditation practice.
  • Step by step training to clear your personal energy field of the energies of other people and places.
  • How to recognize when your personal space has been compromised.
  • How and when to push your “reset button” for quick clearing of your space.
  • How to use Intentional Meditation to manage your life experiences.
  • How and when to sit in stillness as part of your meditation practice.

“The Thing About Meditation Is…You Become More And More You” ~ David Lynch

My Promise To You…

You will be able to clear and manage your personal space and become more of your authentic self, based on thorough and detailed research and step-by-step training I have included in the Online Intentional Meditation For Radiant Happiness course..

When You Come Aboard, Your Bonuses Include:

  • A 30 Minute Call With Me to Determine How You Will Best Implement This Training
  • How to set up a supportive meditation space, including some Feng Shui tips

Oh, and one more thing…

What you learn and implement in this course will boost your creativity in ways that you never imagined. You can use this new creative power in your writing, painting, music, dance and much more. You may even notice a new freedom of expression.

Sign up today and get started right away with this important and life changing opportunity..

For the price of a dinner for two on a Saturday night you could be on your way to creating a more authentic and happier life. Isn’t it worth it to learn as much as you can about intentional meditation to help yourself which spills over to your loved ones, your career, and all those you interact with.

Each Session is a Workshop Unto Itself,
Where the Goal Will Be for You to Set Up and Create An Intentional Meditation Practice That Makes Sense for You.
You’ll Experience Immediate Gratification During This Process.


The Training Modules In Intentional Meditation For Radiant Happiness Include…

Module 1 – Getting Started As An Effective Intentional Meditator (Wednesday, May 16th, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. PST)

  • The different styles of meditation
  • What is personal space?
  • How does energy move in your personal space?
  • What disrupts the flow in your personal space?
  • Step one – centering, how to do it
  • Experiential component – time to experience module 1 techniques

Module 2 - Going Deeper with Intentional Meditation (Wednesday, May 23rd, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. PST)

  • Learn how to manage flow of energy in your personal space
  • Releasing technique
  • Defining your energy boundaries
  • Discover your “still point”
  • Experiential component – time to experience module 2 techniques

Module 3 – Advanced Intentional Meditation Techniques - Wednesday, May 30th, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. PST)

  • Creating change in your personal space
  • Connecting heaven and earth
  • Moving energy through your body
  • Personal transitions as your awareness deepens
  • Experiential component – time to experience module 3 techniques

Module 4 – More Advanced intentional Meditation Techniques (Wednesday, June 6th, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. PST)

  • The creative process
  • Taking on other people’s ideas or expectations of who they think we are
  • Managing our emotions
  • Expand to include what is going on in the our community, country and the world
  • Experiential component – time to experience module 4 techniques
  • Putting it all together

Module 5 – Bonus Module - To Be Determined (Tuesday, June 12th, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. PST)

Once Again Your Bonuses

  • A 30 Minute Call With Me to Determine How You Will Best Implement This Training
  • How to set up a supportive meditation space, including some Feng Shui tips

You Will Be Included In All Live Training Sessions, As Well As Receiving Access To All Replays And Materials For A Full Two Years From The Day You Join This Program…At No Additional Cost!

My Guarantee To You!

  • I am here to be of service to you. I take the successes of everyone who interacts with my material (even blog questions daily from strangers who are now friends!) extremely seriously.
  • You will have my support, my best ingenuity and my years of experience to answer all of your questions.
  • And... if you go through the whole Intentional Meditation for Radiant Happiness Course- and do not see or feel any changes or see any value in the program, you can happily have a full refund.

Coming Soon 

Now is the time for you to learn and implement the Intentional Meditation techniques that will bring Radiant Happiness to you. If you’ve been thinking about creating a more fulfilling and meaningful life developing an Intentional Meditation practice, no matter what your meditation experience, is the way to get started effectively and successfully. You will learn what you need to know to get started right away and you will add to your skills over the weeks of the course. Then I will go deeper into how to add what you need over the next few months and beyond.

P.S. There is limited seating available for this live course because of the personal attention I am giving to each student throughout our time together. Please do not hesitate to get registered now.

P.P.S. This is the first time I am offering this Intentional Meditation for Radiant Happiness course. When I teach it again during the fall the investment will be significantly higher. Please join now and be included in all future sessions over the next two years at no additional cost.

What Others Are Saying About Me…..

“The entire process was fun, exhilarating, and expanding. I enjoyed it immensely and have used the process over and over again. I have already suggested the class to others explaining to them that the process was brilliant. Thank you for revealing a most helpful class and tool.” ~ Joan Silva


“My house was sad. My husband had been ill and, with the help of Hospice, we were able to honor his wish to die at home. I needed to have the space cleared so that energy could move more freely in the house as I began a new chapter of life. Nancy helped me articulate the energy I wanted to release from the house and the energy I wanted to bring in. The space clearing ritual itself felt sacred and organic.

Nancy also gave me some Feng Shui perspectives about changes I wanted to make in various rooms. The house feels energized and so do I!” ~ Bonnie Keast